Kill Yourself


  In the twinkling of an eye,it was a week to attend the summer course.Also,it has been nearly two months since I came to Being University of Posts and Telecommunications. Suddenly, recalling the experience of the recent year,filled with emotion.
  Two weeks ago,the moment when I got the admission notice,I feel release rather than happy.Five months of effort finally have a good result,or I really don’t know what to do next.Think about it,feel scared.Continue to PubMed,is it enough time and money? Find a job, is it enough experience? Thinking about the the reason of resignation, the workplace is just an excuse.The most important reason is the unsatisfactory with the salary.Especially,the classmates around your make more money and parents are not satisfied with you. In contrast to this, why not have a bet.
  Thinking about the years of undergradute, it couldn’t be more mediocre:no fractin,no interests, no things impressive. Every day,in addition to watching e-books is to sleep. Even if go to class sometimes, I’m just sleeping behind the classroom.Day bored.Finally,the lazy boy learn nothing useful.At the later junior year, I made decision to PubMed. It could be expected that a person with this kind character could not carry on. In the end,this came true,I give up to the character and decided to find a jod.For a person who didn’t get any skills during the undergradute,it could be hard for him to find a good jod. But,at the beginning,I had unfounded faith in my self.Experienced some loss in the interview of companies,such as Huawei,,I realized te lack of my ability and began to worry about wtether could I get a job satisfied.The bad result is that I signed a little company named DATATOM.Certainly,this couldn’t be attributed to others.It was just the result of lack of luck and sterngth.This led directly to the later resignation.For the rest time,the same as others,I spent most of my time in Graduation Project.As for the Graduation Trip, I just want to say”No money,Only bird”.Before the last time of graduation,getting the information about recruitment of H3C,I went to Hangzhou by train foe the last try.Although I had some faith, the result could be imagined,another defeat hitted.the sence I went back to school couldn’t be more memorable:no words,no emotion,no hope. the chance to send Gang off even be missed because of the interview.All o this can only be attributed to myself.
  Another thing that I couldn’t forget is about love.In December 2012,I lost the girl that I want to accompany forever.Everything was so sudden,I had not react when I lost everything.Util today,I begin to understand the true meaning of the words”The first love is the most unforgettable”.Perhaps we just miss the period contined the person or the person in that period.As for the next person,I just want to say “sorry”.I never had the idea of regarding it as a game.Too naive.Perhaps I didn’t understand love then.Too many words to say……
  (If you could read this blog by chance and ask that why in english.Maybe a test) Experienced so much,I am sure that I need a change either in life or study.Just kill Yourself and you will rise from the ashes.It is time to live out a new one.(As for love,go with the flow)